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About Us

CQRTS A/S (Abbreviation for Securities)  was established in 2011, and are based in Oslo Norway.

The marketing of our 2 patented products was the basis of our establishement.

Today we are marketing inovative products and solutions for luggage handling, mainly to airports.

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Security Trays

CQRTS trays uses antimicrobial technology, with natural silver ions that is effective against a wide spectrum of microbes, including bacteria, mold and fungi.

Silver ions, which flow from nanoparticles when oxidized, are deadly to bacteria. In use, the security trays are handled by thousands of persons each day, and this causes the trays to be contaminated.

CQRTS antimicrobial trays contributes to stop the spread of germs

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What`s New?

July 13, 2017
CQRTS Provides Antimicrobial Security Trays for Oslo Airport
At Oslo Airport Terminal 2, CQRTS has delivered antimicrobial security trays for the new automatic return lanes by Herbert Systems. Read more