Passenger benefits of our patented security trays are:

  • Antimicrobial function
  • Anti static polypropylene plastic
  • Easy grip
  • Stackable
  • Light weight

Staff benefits of our patented security trays are :

  • Antimicrobial function
  • Light weight operation
  • No lifting, transport done by trolleys
  • Extremely low noice operation
  • Better working environment
  • Soft movement
  • Dispensing and loading mostly done by passengers Feeds easily through x-ray machine, even with only light weight objects Machine washable
We provide innovative patented products for security check points and luggage handling. Among our patented products are the bag closure straps, for reusable oversize luggage plastic bags.

About us


CQRTS A/S (Abbreviation for Securities)  was established in 2011, and are based in Oslo Norway.

The marketing of our 2 patented products was the basis of our establishement.

Today we are marketing inovative products and solutions for luggage handling, mainly to airports.

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CQRTS trays uses antimicrobial technology, with natural silver ions that is effective against a wide spectrum of microbes, including bacteria, mold and fungi.

Silver ions, which flow from nanoparticles when oxidized, are deadly to bacteria. In use, the security trays are handled by thousands of persons each day, and this causes the trays to be contaminated.

CQRTS antimicrobial trays contributes to stop the spread of germs.

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what`s new?

  • Relaunch of IATA size trays
    CQRTS A/S have received an increased demand for the XLarge tray ST-20 and the ST-21, and are re-launching this 60x40x10cm...
  • ECAC aproval of trays and LAG foam inlays
    CQRTS A/S are proud to anounce that our Antimicrobial security trays ST-14  and ST-15 and also the fixating foam inlays STF-14...
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